Friday, 19 April 2013

Can employee engagement improve through workplace wellness?

Some researchers and professionals in Human Resources are of the opinion that workplace and  employee wellness is the answer to drive employee engagement.

What about workload, workplace stress, stretch-targets/budgets?

How do you get employees on board if they are not motivated?

Do you have any practical experience and/or solid research results?


  1. I'm a admin administrator for 3 well known restaurant in the Vaal triangle. I personally feel knowing a person and caring, staying interested in their lives would create motivated employees. We have 80 employees. Workplace and employee wellness should include workloads, KPA and targets. We care about our employees and have strict rules but awesome employees and we keep building good relationships. The better the relationship between management and employees the better the motivation and performance of the group.

  2. Thank you Juliana for the above comment regarding employee engagement.

  3. I believe workplace wellness programmes are driven by significant values and qualities that possess the potential to improve employee engagement, some employees are engaged while some are not, thus the discernable workplace wellness strategies can serve as an empowering and engaging tool. Workplace wellness strategies have got the potential to build employee relations, foster team work and build employee commitment. Such workplace initiatives lead to employee contribution towards organisational success since they reduce the potential for chronic stress, absenteeism due to un-healthiness (illnesses) and high turnover costs resulting from less satisfaction with ones job, and less commitment to organisational values. It further remains important to note that not all employees would be motivated as a result it becomes imperative for managers to lead by example; they must exert effort to engage the employee and this can be achieved through reinforcing mutual commitment rather than enforcing machine-like approaches on employees which could make them even more unenthusiastic about being engaged.

  4. Thank you very much form your excellent response.

  5. Yes the researchers are correct workplace and employee wellness is inherent for employee engagement. We live in a competitive driven world of people are pressured by materialistic lifestyle, status and proffessional recognition. Workaholism and workload are hardly differentiated which prove that some hardly identifies distress to eustress until is too late( depression, suicide surfaces). To get employees on board work better through employees suyvers asking comments and suggestion on improving workplace environment and all employees from bottom to up should be involved.