Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wage demands between 10-150% in the mining industry in South Africa

Unions demand wage increases as high as 150% and mining leadership offer 4% (when we have a CPI of around 5.9%).

The above seems to be a major challenge for the unions and management to pay a realistic wage which will be affordable in the current economic situation.

The unions will not accept any increase lower than double figures and management will not be able to afford much more than CPI.

What is a realistic % affordable wage increase?


  1. 8 to 10 % , sounsd reasonable

    1. Thank you very much for your response Blake

  2. If you want a increase you should be actually working and not striking for increases every few weeks. I feel in cases like the mining industry employees should be paid a % of turnover to ensure that they do their part. I know it wont ever work but some kind of measure should be in place to eliminate frequent strikes in all industries. I feel between 7 and 9% increase is enough, this would keep the mining industry going and not totally bring it down.

  3. Thank you very much Juliana for this excellent workable view regarding this challenge.

  4. I recommend that miners should be learned for them to know the impacts of their frequent striking actions.Because if they were informed about their actions they will know that the more % they demand the more others will loss thier jobs to balance the scale. So i think 4%-6% will be enough increase considering bad publisity mining industry had endured this few month and to keeping many employeed as possible.

  5. Thank you Nompi for your feedback and recommendation.

  6. My opinion on this matter is that , although the mine management cannot afford more then the CPI of 5.9% because of the economic state . Even so I feel like management should take into consideration the economic challenges that these mineworkers face . When there is infation in prices , it affects the affordibilty of mineworkers to become consumers themselves . Due to this pressure naturally mineworkers will demand a wage increase , so they too can survive above the bread line. It is managements duty to ensure that their employees overall well being is well looked after even if it will prove to be a challenge to the organisation . With that been said I believe that a 7% increase is not only a reasonable increase but it is a sign of peace and commitment to the their employees , by going alittle above the CPI .Both parties should meet in the middle with their demands and be able to sacrifice for both the benefit of the organisation and employees.

  7. Thank you Lesego for your excellent feedback on this topic.